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<Submission for Geta Game Jam 8>

Turn-based strategy game in which you dream up little nightmares to annoy your sibling while they sleep. Two-Player game!

Hard-Mode challenge (" No words or text") is achieved, only a number countdown in the game. 


  • Only left mouse click needed
  • Each turn has a preparation phase where you can see which nightmares you can summon (it's random)
  • after that the player can summon  little nightmares on the board by clicking on the "download from the dream cloud "-looking icon (they all have a different casting time though, keep an eye out on the timer in the top middle of the screen!)
  • If your dream-bar is below 100%, you can click on the big dream icon on the top and dream peacefully to recharge your inspiration!
  • When the timer is up, the little nightmares will move/fight, don't worry about that
  • If they reach the sibling, they will attack their dream-bar!
  • You lose if your dream-bar reaches 0%!!!!

Free sounds used:

Porgrammer: Maria Efthymiadou, Thomas Rizzolli

Artist: Thomas Rizzolli

Install instructions

Download .zip file, unzip and double-click .exe file to run


DreamFightTacticsWindows.zip 21 MB

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